Evaluation Question 7

Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to the full product?

Looking back on my preliminary task, I think it is clear that I have improved by getting a larger range of shots and improving my editing and sound.

To begin with, when I produced my preliminary task, we were only just getting to know how to use premiere pro, whereas now, I would say I am definitely more confident with using when putting all my shots together and adding music and other effects.Screen Shot 2017-05-09 at 11.08.04

From right at the beginning of my preliminary task, it is clear that it is very shaky which distracts the audience form the video itself. I think I have improved because instead of using a monopod like I did in my preliminary task, I used a tripod. I think this has a massive difference because in my film opening the shots were more stable.

Screen Shot 2017-05-09 at 11.12.35

Furthermore, I hadn’t fully developed my camera skills, as in my preliminary task a lot of my shots were quite blurry and were not as focused as they could have been. Whereas in my film opening I was able to focus the camera before filming to ensure that the shots taken had good quality.

Furthermore, the continuity of my editing has improved since my preliminary task as after editing a variety of basic shots together in the preliminary task, we had to film a mundane task. In this, we had to film an everyday task and make it more interesting. I filmed making a cup of tea. I used a variety of different shots and camera angles and lively music to try and make it fun and interesting.

Lastly, in my Preliminary task I did not use after effects whereas in my film opening I did. My skills on after effects have improved because in my final film I included my ident and also titles, which I did not include in my preliminary task. I believe, by using an ident and titles it has made my overall end result looks more professional and a higher standard than my preliminary task. Screen Shot 2017-05-09 at 11.12.48


Evaluation Question 5

Evaluation Question 5 from Jemima-Lily Bish on Vimeo.

How did you attract/address your audience?

To evaluate the way in which I addressed my target audience I will look back on my target audience survey and interview. After getting people to complete my survey and then analysing my results on prezi, it showed that many of the participants said that a horror movie should be located in a woods, abandoned areas, graveyards and haunted houses. In my film opening, I have included what the audience expect to see. This is because my opening is situated in a woods which is quiet and a secluded area. This location is a similar one to ‘Hush’ and ‘Cabin in the woods’ which are both 15 age rating which is similar to my target audience and therefore, my film would hopefully attract the same people who enjoyed watching these films.

Furthermore, from my survey, I also found out that many of the participants in my survey expected either a little girl, vulnerable girl or a family to be in a horror movie. My main character is a young teenage girl and therefore fits in with the audiences expectations. My main character was also very vulnerable because as soon as her friend goes missing she was targeted by the antagonist in my opening which implies that she was weak and scared.

However, in my target audience survey interview, Miriam expected the main character of a horror to be a male, this was not the case in my film opening. I chose a young, vulnerable girl because this was the most popular response in my survey and I think a lot of films have young, vulnerable girls as the main characters.

Overall, I believe I have attracted and addressed the audience throughout my film opening. By carrying out my target audience survey and completing interviews, it allowed me to base peoples thoughts and ideas on horror movies around mine and subsequently making an effective film opening that fits in to the horror genre.


Evaluation Question 4

Who would be the audience for your media product?

Screen Shot 2017-05-09 at 10.50.58.png

This is Chantelle, she is 17 years old and likes to watch horror films. Her favourite films are ‘Don’t breathe’, ‘Hush’ and ‘Get out’. Currently, he is studying hospitality and tourism at Highlands College.In her free time, Chantelle enjoys swimming and going out with her friends. Chantelle is a typical viewer for the type of film that I have made.

Chantelle said ‘My favourite thing about horror films is that there is always tension and you do not know what is going to happen next. It leaves you sitting on the edge of your sear wanting to watch more. I really like watching horror films that are set in abandoned places as this gives it a slightly more creepy and eerie atmosphere. I also enjoy watching horror movies that have young girls in them because these girls are usually very creepy and possessed and makes the film that bit more scary. However, I do not like it in horror films when there are so many things going on at once, simple can be effective. For example, in ‘Hush’ there were only about 4 characters in the whole movie yet it is one of my favourite movies because the use of the characters was effective which meant that you didn’t feel like there was anything missing or there weren’t enough characters’.

‘I really like your film opening because it grabs the viewers attention which needs to happen within the first two minutes or the viewer could decide to stop watching the film. It uses a woods which I think is a perfect location for a horror movie as woods tend to be creepy and isolated from anywhere. Furthermore, I like how you have only used 3 characters as it does feel overcrowded and it is simple, yet effective because it leaves the viewer wanting to know what happens next. Also, I like how the sound deteriorated quickly from happy music to creepy, scary music. This emphasises that something bad is going to happen soon and creates a dramatic effect’. 

Chantelle is a typical example of an individual audience member I am trying to target.

After researching the different age ratings on films, I decided to give mine a 12 rating as I did not want to scare the younger age bracket with my film. Also many, if not all the horror films I have seen are either a 12 or a 15 rating therefore I think a 12 is suitable for mine.

My target audience is 15-25 year olds. This is because through my target audience survey I found that most people enjoy horror films who are around this age group. However, from speaking to older people for example my family they do not seem to enjoy horror films as much as they do not have as much interest in them as young, teenagers do.

Evaluation Question 3

Evaluation question 3 from Jemima-Lily Bish on Vimeo.

What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?

In film, television, radio, performing arts, and new media, a production company handles many things, such as, budgets, scripting, scheduling, organisation of staff, distribution, marketing and advertising. Pixar, Paramount, Universal and Dreamwork’s are all examples of production companies.

A successful distributer has a large audience and is in possession of a large quantity of money. This money is used for film makers to make and distribute their films world wide. A very successful distributer is Universal, It’s large scale and has a high level of influence in film production.

Preferably, I would choose Blumhouse productions to produce my film. This is because it has previously produced films similar to the genre of my film such as ‘sinister’, ‘get out’ and ‘Insidious’ and I believe these would appeal to the same target audience as mine does. The distributers job is the responsibility of marketing the film. The use of a distributer for my film would be beneficial because I am an unknown director and therefore the use of a distributer would give me the opportunity to be supplied with the advertising and money I need in order to successfully produce my film. Using a well known distributer to advertise my film would encourage more views and therefore would gain a large amount of people to watch my film for example at the cinema or buy it on DVD.

Using Video co-pilot and after effects I was able to create my own ident. I chose JLB productions as a name as I thought it was simple yet effective. I think the use of the grey writing on a black background gives the audience an insight that it is a horror film as I haven’t used bright colours. As well as making my own ident, I also used a range other titles throughout my film opening. I got inspiration from my ‘timeline of titles’ that I had previously done of ‘The conjuring’. By completing this, I was able to see how long my titles should roughly be on screen for, which was generally 4 or 5 seconds.

Evaluation Question 1

Evaluation question 1 from Jemima-Lily Bish on Vimeo.

1.In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

My media product uses traditional forms and conventions of the horror film genre. This can be seen from a key characteristic in my opening, which is situated in a woods, a secluded place with an eerie atmosphere to make the film more dramatic and to build tension. The setting is similar to locations in other films such as ‘Hush’, ’The Blair Witch Project’ and ‘Cabin in the woods’.

My main victim is a teenage girl. Young girls are often used in horror movies as victims because they are vulnerable and naive. This can be seen in ‘Ratter’ and ‘Hush’.

My antagonist is wearing all black which shows that there is something odd about them and adds to the suspense as they blend in with the surroundings so the victim does not notice them. Also, the audience then see their all white eyes. The use of the white contact lenses in their eyes makes it clear to the audience that there is something wrong with them, they are not normal and creates tension as they are following the victim in this secluded area. This is similar to ‘Scream’ as in Scream they have a full black costume, however in my opening they have white eyes instead of a mask on.

I used happy music at the beginning of my opening and then when the girl goes missing it turned into creepy music. I did this to build tension to make the audience wonder what is going to happen next. For props, I used a car which is seen at the very opening of the film. This is similar to many of the openings of other films, such as ‘cabin in the woods’ and ‘hush’

Overall, I think my media product uses forms and conventions of real media products in the horror genre, because it followed the expectations of the audience e.g being set in a woods and a young girl being the main character which are similar to other, existing horror films and it has tension throughout the 2 minutes of the film.


I created my ident by following a tutorial on video co-pilot and using after effects to create it. After effects was hard to use at first but by the end I managed to get the hang of it. I used a plain black background and grey writing to show that this was a horror movie as I have not used bright colours.